At BasicDental we proudly offer our patients the five main basic dental treatments all at an affordable price:
Check-ups • Cleaning and scaling • Fillings • Tooth whitening • Crowns

Learn more about the treatment we offer below to better understand your treatment options.
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Getting your teeth checked regularly is important, especially for our children. Tooth decay can be present for a number of months or years without being detected. Only in the late stages of tooth decay does pain occur, when often it can be too late to save the tooth. Therefore it is essential to have checkups with xrays to detect tooth decay as early as possible so that only a small filling will be required.

Children's primary teeth can decay very quickly if not attended to by a dental professional, causing pain and possibly infection. In addition to checking children's teeth for tooth decay, it is important to check for orthodontic problems such as crooked teeth and misaligned jaws. These can often lead to more severe problems if not addressed properly. There are some simpler early orthodontic treatment methods that can be suggested after orthodontic problems are detected.

BasicDental provide several Check-Up options depending on your individual needs. For more information on pricing and treatment packages click here.

Cleaning and Scaling

Having your teeth cleaned by a dental professional removes hardened plaque deposits commonly know at tartar. Removing these deposits cannot be achieved by regular brushing at home. If these deposits are not removed, they can damage the health of your gums and the bone sockets that hold your teeth in place.

Dental scaling is the most common way to treat gum disease. Scaling is a procedure that involves cleaning the areas of the tooth below the gum line. Gum disease can affect your overall health, and neglect can lead to more extreme health problems including heart disease and strokes. For most adults it is important to have their teeth scaled and cleaned at least every 12 months.


BasicDental offers Tooth-coloured (white) fillings to restore your teeth. We do not use any amalgam filling material (which contain mercury).

Using advanced techniques one of our dental professionals will have your tooth fixed in no time at all.

Advanced dental materials now allow all patients to have composite or glass-ionomer fillings without the need for any metal.

The result is a better looking mouth and no concerns about toxicity.

For children we do not use any metal crowns which contain nickel. White glass ionomer fillings have the best bio-compatability for fillings on children's teeth.

Teeth Whitening

At BasicDental we offer 'instant in-surgery whitening' or 'home whitening'.

Choosing the right whitening treatment is important. Select treatment that will achieve long lasting results and give you that natural white look. At BasicDental we ensure that our treatment is clinically proven, safe and effective.

Only a Dental Professional can provide safe effective professional teeth whitening with results that last and can advise you on the best whitening technique that is suitable for you.

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BasicDental is proud to offer tooth-coloured crowns (no unsightly metal) for molar teeth at the most affordable price on the Gold Coast.

Crowns are a type of dental restoration, which completely caps or encircles a tooth.

BasicDental crowns are the best option to ensure longevity for heavily-filled or broken-down teeth. These are made out of the strongest material available, and carry a guarantee against breakage.* *Conditions apply