At BasicDental we don’t try to sell you expensive cosmetic services you do not want or need. The more complex treatments are better performed by specialists - we focus on delivering your basic treatment options, year after year.

Treatment uses the most efficient and effective methods performed by highly-trained staff using only the latest equipment and technology. The improvements in efficiency mean a lower price can be passed on to you, the patient.

The new dental benefit program for children aged 2 - 17 years is now avaliable, providing up to $1000 in benefits for basic dental services. Conditions apply, contact Basic Dental™ for details.

Check-up, treatment plan $55
X-rays each $29
Cleaning, Scale & Polish $89
Fillings (white only) from $140
Crowns (Molar) from $1500
Tooth whitening $349
Package Deal
Check-up, X-rays, clean, polish and fluoride $190
Fees are subject to variation, contact basicdental for exact fees for your specific treatment.